On Tue, Jul 10 2018, Frederic Cambus <f...@statdns.com> wrote:
> Hi ports@,
> The combination of -fms-extensions -std=c99 means libmaxminddb couldn't be
> built with base GCC, so the library and headers were patched. This worked
> when the only consumer was the mmdblookup bundled tool.
> However, this is causing issues with new consumers. For example, I cannot
> build the MaxMind::DB::Reader::XS Perl module because of this.
> Instead of patching all consumers, stop modifying the library and header
> file, and switch to using COMPILER directives instead, as it builds fine
> with base-clang and ports-gcc.
> Comments? OK?

Looks like a better solution, ok jca@

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