Christian Weisgerber <> wrote:

> Jeremie Courreges-Anglas:
> > > The below diff allows to build flac on macppc, where tests are passing
> > > [1]. I've not bumped revision, the change impacts powerpc where it has
> > > never been built.
> > 
> > Good enough for ports, ok jca@
> ok naddy@
> > If we want this fixed upstream, someone (tm) should write better tests.
> FreeBSD has the functionality, but the API is different:

In my opinion the entire "aux" approach is garbage.  Linux started it
and put a mixture of weak junk in their (including their tiny useless
random seed, which was a fantastic idea to defer doing something
proper for random numbers for a decade or two).  I prefer richer interfaces.

On other cpus we have sysctl's which expose the hardware's feature set.
This wasn't nicely generalized, because it is already cpu-specific.  I still
believe that is the right way to go, on systems which don't have an equivelant
for userland-permitted "cpuinfo" instructions.

And if there's one thing I really hate, it is SIGILL for discovery.

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