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> On Sun, Sep 08 2019, Stephane Guedon <stephane+open...@22decembre.eu> 
> > Good day
> > 
> > This is the first time I mail this mailing list. I hope not the last
> > time.
> > 
> > I have managed to make PeerTube run on my OpenBSD 6.6 beta home
> > server, so I wish to try to propose a port for it. But first,
> > PeerTube has libvips as a dependency, which is not in ports. So as
> > a training for a much harder thing, here is my proposed port of
> > libvips-8.8.2, which I have been able to build on said server via
> > the port system.
> > 
> > Vips is a fast image processing library, and as a result, I put it
> > in
> > multimedia category.
> > 
> > The library has some optional dependencies (it can support quite a
> > lot of image formats if you have support libraries on the machine).
> > Which I don't really know how to indicate.
> Please add "COMPILER = base-clang ports-gcc" since some C++ code is
> built.
> I suspect devel/glib2 should be in LIB_DEPENDS and not RUN_DEPENDS.
> I would strip "libvips is licensed under the LGPL 2.1+." from DESCR.
> See ./configure --help, all optional dependencies (see below) you
> don't want should be disabled explicitely with --without-<lib>.
> "CONFIGURE_ARGS = --without-foo ..."
> Generally speaking all the libraries you want to use should be listed
> in LIB_DEPENDS (then don't forget to regen WANTLIB).

Thing is... I don't care for those. But I think the users might. Will 
they want or not to use cairo ? PNG ? JPG ? It should be for them to 
choose. No ? (I see things this way). Or should I make flavours ? I am 
not sure. :)

The port builds well like that, auto detection of libraries and such, 
and for what I can see, no problem running.

> Please clean up the Makefile, there's a lot of stuff commented out
> that isn't useful. :)

Yeah, that's because I wanted to keep maximum of the template's 

But appart, I just incorporated your comments, and the build still runs 
fine. No trouble (no surprise here).

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