On Sun 29/09/2019 13:30, Björn Ketelaars wrote:
> This is a new port for unionfs-fuse.
> unionfs-fuse overlays several directory into one single mount point.
> It first tries to access the file on the top branch and if the file does
> not exist there, it continues on lower level branches. If the user tries
> to modify a file on a lower level read-only branch the file is copied to
> a higher level read-write branch if the copy-on-write (cow) mode was
> enabled.
> 'make test' runs successfully (assuming that it was started as root). I
> patched test.sh so that it informs the user that root privileges are
> required. Run tested on amd64.
> Comments/OK?

Ping...maybe someone wants to take a look?

(port attached for convenience)

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