Haven't had time to investigate, but it seems libxul might have

Errors show up in all 3 ports (www/firefox-esr, www/mozilla-firefox
and mail/thunderbird)

Looks like:
> Extracting debug info from lib/thunderbird/libxul.so.34.0
dwz: lib/thunderbird/.debug/libxul.so.34.0.dbg: Couldn't find DIE referenced by 

I've found a small tool called dwarf-check on github (in go... well)

hub$ dwarf-check libxul.so.34.0                                                
error initializing dwarf state examiner: malformed dwarf at offset 450264449: 
nstack underflow

so both info seem to point at a bug in clang/lld

Quick&dirty port of dwarf-check attached

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