On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 12:16:31AM +0100, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> ...not sure what in the build is causing the problem, but the bindings are
> definitely not working

> > Also I think I know how to add a python3 flavour so that it can be built
> > again with py3 bindings.
> I have a diff for that but it should go on top of an existing commit
> rather than be stacked up

Thanks a lot for your input.

I like your idea of using flavours for this. And yes, we can add a py3
flavour later. Once 1.14 is in and works with py2 this will be easy to do.

I will try to figure out how the bindings can be fixed for py2.

The py3 ones are definitely working for me locally. I've done my release
verification test runs with py3 because I was naively assuming downstreams
could already flip over to py3. It felt like SVN was one of the last projects
in the universe to make that transition; apparently not :)

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