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Some programs (ntopng trying to use influx backend) complain they
can't know the version of influxdb, expected:

$ influx -version
InfluxDB shell version: 1.6.6


$ influx -version
InfluxDB shell version: unknown

To reproduce:

# (fresh install of 6.7/amd64)
# pkg_add influxdb;
# influx -version;
InfluxDB shell version: unknown

Maybe it's related or similar to issue #6777

which suggests to:

> You have to include the linker flags mentioned in this issue above. To
add the version information, you have to add a -ldflags="-X
main.version=%pkgver%" to the go install command.

before digging further into this (and because I have no experience
with go ports + vendor tarballs and such), I seek the wisdom
of ports@

Thanks for any ideas

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