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critic weird.. by "Dave Purcell"@one.net 
> I'd rather read something 
> by Neal or Jon or Roy or many of the other writers in our circle

Speaking of which, I just got the new ND, and its got a reprint of
Gracey's tribute to Jimmy Day (which I still maint ain is p2 Post of the
Year) and a fine discussion of music and coming-of-age by David Cantell
under the guise of a review of the new Wilco and Joe Henry records.  The
rest of the magazine looks pretty solid as well, with a cover article on
Earle & McCoury that actually talks about the band, a John Welsey
Harding/Nic Jones article, a Clodhopper review, and a good interview
with Kelly Willis.  Haven't read them yet, but there are also pieces on
Westerberg, Kristin Hersh and Terry Allen.  Just the kind of thing to
proscrastinate with while I try to make some deadlines this week.

Carl Z. 

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