Thanks!  Is someone also going to go back and restore the
old #24176 files?  (I'm still seeing "Long Will" there when
I visit; it had been Robert Walser's _Jakob von Gunten_,
and at the moment that hasn't yet disappeared from mirrors.)


On 02/25/2013 09:41 AM, David Widger wrote:

This filenumber wrong and will be changed to 42176 as intended.

Thanks to Andrew Sly for picking up the mistake.


At 10:50 AM 2/23/2013, David Widger wrote:

Long Will, by Florence Converse                                          24176
  [Editor: Ernest Rhys]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 24176.txt; 24176-8.txt; 24176-h.htm]

Thanks to Carl Hudkins, Carol Brown, jnik (media provider)
and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at


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