Aloisæ Sigeæ Toletanæ Satyra Sotadica, by Chorier                        42112
 [Full title: Aloisiæ Sigeæ Toletanæ Satyra Sotadica de arcanis
               Amoris et Veneris]
 [Editor: Isidore Liseux]
 [Language: Latin]
 [Link: ]
 [Files: 42112.txt; 42112-8.txt; 42112-0.txt; 42112-h.htm
 [All the file formats were generated at the time of posting
  from a RST master file.]

Thanks to Laurent Vogel, Enrico Segre and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at (This book was produced from scanned images of public domain material from the Google Print project.)


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