Thierry Fournier:
> Hi,
> What do you think about delivery target executing natively Lua code ?
> It does the same think than ?pipe", but much quickly because there
> are no fork/exec and compile/recompile Lua code only at start (or
> if required).
> In other way, the Lua postix API can embed convenience function
> like integrated sendmail+postdrop process, header manipulation
> meta-data (I mean RCPT TO, MAIL FROM, ...) and something like
> that. I think also to email content manipulation but it is a
> more complex subject whoch require a lot of code or complex
> dependencies. This kind of feature allow writing easyly and
> efficiently email filters.
> Any opinion ?

Define 'mail delivery target'. I notice that you are talking about
INTAKE (sendmail/postdrop/SMTP commmands) not DELIVERY, so your
choice of words is unfortunate.

I won't speculate about this further, but I would like to point
out that Postfix is designed to be extensible by pluggging stuff
into protocol interfaces (policy, milter, smtp, lmtp) as well as
the tcp and socketmap lookup table interfaces.


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