milter manager 0.7.0 has been released.


ClearCode Inc. is developing milter manager for a public
AGENCY). This is the first release of milter manager. This
release is developement release.

Release schedule is the last of this mail.

== About milter manager

milter manager is a milter that manages multiple milters.
It is a free software to help constructing flexibile and low
maintenance cost mail system.

milter is a pluggable message filter derived from Sendmail.
Each milter provides one or more features. We can construct
mail system for ourselves purporse by combining some
milters. The flexibility is advantage but also weakness.

The weakness is higher maintenance cost because we need to
have many configuration files and associate each milter with

milter manager helps constructing mail system for ourselves
purporse with low maintainance cost by using milters'
advantages and covering milters' weaknesses.

milter manager embeds Ruby interpreter. Ruby is a real
programming language that provides easy to read syntax and

milter manager can detect installed milters in system and
register them dynamically by embeded Ruby interpreter. We
doesn't need to change MTA configuration even if milter's
socket configuration. We just change milter's configuration.
It covers a weakness caused when multipe milters are used.

It's milter's advantage that combine multiple milters. But
all registered milters are applied to all messages. We can't
select whether apply milters or not dynamically like
Postfix's SMTP Access Policy Delegation. If milter can be
applied like this, we will be able to share a whitelist with
all milters instead of maintaining a whitelist in each

milter manager has some check points in milter session. They
can be used for it.

== More about milter manager

  * http://milter-manager.sourceforge.net/reference/readme.html

    README: License, How to get, Introductions of included tools

  * http://milter-manager.sourceforge.net/reference/ja/introduction.html

    Introduction: More details about milter manager's advantages

  * http://milter-manager.sourceforge.net/reference/ja/install.html
    * http://milter-manager.sourceforge.net/reference/ja/install-to-ubuntu.html
    * http://milter-manager.sourceforge.net/reference/ja/install-to-freebsd.html

    Install: How to install milter manager (for Ubuntu and FreeBSD)
             Used milters: milter-greylist, clamav-milter, spamass-milter

  * http://milter-manager.sourceforge.net/reference/ja/configuration.html

    Configuration: How to configure milter manager

  * http://milter-manager.sourceforge.net/coverage/


    * Cutter: unit testing framework for C
    * LCOV: coverage result formatter

== Release schedule

2009/1: 0.7.0
        * This release
2009/2: 0.8.0
        * Add Web interface for administration
        * Add log analyzer tool
        * Improve documents
2009/3: 0.9.0
        * 1.0.0 RC
        * Freeze library API
        * If it has problems, 0.9.1, 0.9.2, ... are released
2009/4: 1.0.0
        * If 0.9.0 doesn't have problem
        * If 0.9.0 has problem and 0.9.1, ... are released,
          1.0.0 will be released after 2009/4.

== Contact

Mailing list:

  The future release announce will be done the ML. If you
  interested in this project, please join the ML.



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