I got a curiosity, I have noted that the Date header the mail takes
comes from the client computer, so, if my computer have a wrong date,
my mail will go out with a wrong date too.

I know the server will put its own timestamp when it process the
message, but the destination mail client will use the Date header to
order messages, and thus, if someone's computer has a date of now-3
days, there is a risk that the mail he/she sends is overseen by the

I also know that there should be a policy to keep all of the company's
PCs clock synchronized to a central server: but that's not the case,
and there are a few PCs with failing BIOS batteries (which shouldn't

I have to ask: is there a way of making postfix rewrite Date header to
server's time for authenticated mail? (or at list for a range of IPs),
off course, a general header rewrite would not be good, because that
would overwrite header for mail coming from the Internet (that would
be really bad).  I took a quick look at the docs, and found nothing on
this matter, nevertheless, if someone can point me to a doc where this
is explained, that will be enough for me.

What do you think on this?

Thanks in advance, sincerely,


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