Hi List,

I am trying to compile postfix 3.1.2 on AIX, but getting following error.

/opt/freeware/bin/gcc -I. -I../../include -DUSE_TLS -DUSE_SASL_AUTH
-DUSE_CYRUS_SASL -DHAS_LDAP -DHAS_PCRE -I/opt/freeware/include/openssl
-I/usr/local/cyrus-sasl/include/sasl -I/opt/freeware/include -DNO_DNSSEC
-Wmissing-prototypes -Wformat -Wno-comment -g -O -I. -I../../include
-DAIX6  -o master master.o master_conf.o master_ent.o master_sig.o
master_avail.o master_spawn.o master_service.o master_status.o
master_listen.o master_vars.o master_wakeup.o master_watch.o master_flow.o
master_monitor.o ../../lib/libglobal.a ../../lib/libutil.a
-L/opt/freeware/lib64 -L/usr/local/cyrus-sasl/lib -lsasl2 -lldap -llber
-lpcre -lssl -lcrypto
collect2: ../../lib/libglobal.a: not a COFF file
make: *** [master] Error 1
make: *** [update] Error 1

I have googled for this error and it looks like it is specific to AIX, but
there is no clear solution seen.

I am using gcc with following details
gcc -v
Using built-in specs.
Target: powerpc-ibm-aix6.1.0.0
Configured with: ../gcc-4.4.6/configure --with-as=/usr/bin/as
--with-ld=/usr/bin/ld --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran
--prefix=/opt/freeware --enable-threads
--enable-version-specific-runtime-libs --disable-nls
--enable-decimal-float=dpd --host=powerpc-ibm-aix6.1.0.0
Thread model: aix
gcc version 4.4.6 (GCC)

Do I need to add any specific parameter with make makefiles which may solve
this issue? 

Please suggest.
 Anant S Athavale
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