There are tips out there on how to set up a catch all account to accept mail 
that wasn't addressed to any known user. That is a (very) small part of your 
project. When you have a catch all, nothing bounces IF the email at least when 
to your FQDN. 

In your project, it would be a service to rate the RBLs, though in your setup 
you couldn't detect false positives‎. Maybe you should have one authorized 
user? Perhaps have two setups with at least on having a legitimate user plus 
catch-all and no open relay. That is, something close to a normal setup in 
addition to your accept anything server. 

You really can't rate RBLs in a normal setup since if one rejects the email, 
the others don't get a try. I have been changing the order that the RBLs appear 
in the configuration file with the assumption that the are used sequentially. I 
am working on a log filtering ‎script to determine which catches the most 
spammers, though as I said, the approach is flawed since not all RBLs get a 
fair shot. I put the better known RBLs like Baracuda at the bottom in the 
configuration file.

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I've done some searching of the list archives and the web, but I can't lay 
hands on an answer to this question:

- is there a way, ideally documented in a HOWTO or guide, to configure 
PostFix such that:

- it will accept any mail (think "open relay", but...);
- it will *never* attempt to forward that mail;
- it will *never* generate e-mail: no sent mail, no return receipts, 
no bounces, nothing?

The application we have in mind is a "Phish Phillet" engine, that would 
accept any mail sent to it, save the message locally, and process it using 
a home-grown set of analysis tools - DNS and whois queries, reputational 
databases, etc. - to rate messages and accumulate statistics about 
bad-actor mail senders and phishing sites.

Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt
Cornell University IT Security Office

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