Set mynetworks to only contain the IPs or networks of the production server.
You can use /32 to list single IPs.
mynetworks =,


Thus, the server will automatically only permit mail to mydestination (eg,
the domain that the server is authorative for) since the dev and test server
will then look like "external" users.

Note that you will have to remove "permit_authenticated" from your relay

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[] För Mark Holmes
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Hi list,

I'd like to configure Postfix such that I can prevent certain IP's/networks
from sending email to 'external' recipients. I'm basically trying to set it
so that our dev and test web application servers can't email any domains
other than our own - so developers can test email functionality without the
risk of sending email out to 'real' addresses by mistake. 

So I need something that says 'if the server is from this IP/network then
only allow mail to'. Or more likely, something which says
'these internal networks can only send to internal recipients, with the
exception of these IP's which can also send to external recipients' 

I've done some Googling but can't quite figure the best way to achieve this.
Grateful for any pointers!

Many thanks,


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