> On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 10:18:01PM +0100, Walter Doekes wrote:
>> That looks like I have my DNS recursor to blame for the problem. It's a
>> powerdns recursor, version 4.0.0~alpha2 if I'm not mistaken.
>> I'll be forwarding the issue with the appropriate evidence there if it
>> hasn't been fixed already.
> Please post a summary with the resolution.  If for some (unlikely)
> reason you don't get an adequate answer from PowerDNS support, drop
> me a note, I can reach out directly to the developers.  Recursors
> are expected to behave in the manner you observed with bind9.

Okay, today I finally got some time to get this sorted. It appears it was
indeed a bug in pdns-recursor 4.0.0~alpha2-2 on Ubuntu/Xenial.

The bug had been fixed upstream in May 2016:

I've filed a bugreport for Ubuntu here:

It looks like of Debian and Ubuntu, only Ubuntu/Xenial (LTS) is affected.
All the others run 3.x or 4.0.1 or higher (the latter ones include
9d534f2a and the former didn't appear affected by this).

Thanks again for your prompt reply!

Walter Doekes

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