On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 03:35:40PM -0500, Fongaboo wrote:

> However we do have virtual aliases on hosted domains that ultimately point
> to yahoo.com addresses. Undoubtedly, I can reference instances of spam
> received to the virtual and then forwarded on to Yahoo's mailserver from
> there.
> But can they really blame the middleman (us) for mail that is just passing
> through our hands?

Yes!  And that's in fact what one would expect.

They can't be expected to distinguish between a well-meaning
mail-forwarder and a spammer forging Received headers.

To avoid getting blacklisted, improve your filters for the forwarded
mailboxes, or tell your Yahoo users  that you will no longer forward
their mail to Yahoo.  At the very least such users need to be taught
to not report to Yahoo mail you forward for them as spam.


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