> Beyond Viktor's recommendation to NOT chroot Postfix, another option is to
> run Postfix on demand, since you appear to only be running it
> in a client-only mode. I'm not sure how you'd do that on Debian, but the
> general idea is to run 'master -e 60' whenever a file appears in the
> maildrop queue directory.

FWIW, I've been running Postfix like that (i.e. to *send* email but
never to receive any) on all my destops/laptops using Debian's mostly
default config for the last 10 years or so.  And it's served me very
well during this time.  I know that machine-originated email are a dying
breed (as opposed to user-originated email sent directly by the MUA to
some smarthost), but I'll keep using this as long as I can, because it's
much more convenient for my usage pattern.


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