On 11/30/16 2:35 PM, Michael Munger wrote:

I am writing a log parser so that when users complain "so and so sent me
an email and I didn't get it" I can query the logs and find this with
ease. Ultimately, I want ot make this self service through a web page.
I went a different way. Users can chose to receive a "DMR" (Daily Mail Report) and that report can contain either all the rejected email addresses that were not accepted for their account (or domain), all the accepted emails they got, or both.

I have a bash script that does it, and when a user wants this, I simply set up a crontab for them. Usually after a week or so they want it turned off. The script sends them a lightly styled HTML table in the email.

The heart of the script is:

 if [ "$REJECT" = 1 ]; then
echo '<tr><th>&nbsp;</th><th>IP address</th><th>Claimed address</th></tr>' bzgrep "$MATCHPAT" $LOGF | grep -i reject | egrep 'from=<[^>]+>' | grep -v "Protocol error" | \ grep -v "$EXCLUDE" | sort -u | sed 's/from=<//' | tr -d '>,[]:' | grep -v rejected | \ awk '{print "<tr><td class=\"rej\">REJECTED</td><td class=\"right\">"$16"</td><td>"$20"</td></tr>"}'

  if [ "$ACCEPT" = 1 ]; then
echo '<tr><th style="width:8em;">Accepted ID</th><th style="width:6em;">Time</th><th>From</th></tr>'
     bzgrep -E 'DATA|\"from=\"' $LOGF | grep -v "<>"| \
        awk '{print $6"\t"$3"\t"$17"\t"$16}' | grep -v ESMTP | \
grep -v "to=<backup" | column -t | sort -k 2 | grep "to=<.*$MATCHPAT" | \
        grep -v "$EXCLUDE" | sed 's/from//g' | sed 's/://' | tr -d '=><' |
awk '{print "<tr><td class=\"right qid\">"$1"</td><td class=\"right\">"$2"</td><td>"$4"</td></tr>"}'

For this to work

smtpd_log_access_permit_actions = static:all

must be set in main.cf. This makes your logs chattier, but provides me with the line in the logs that I need to get this working.

One user, in particular, was calling several times a week looking for an email and now never calls.

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