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I forward mail to a gmail user, but there are a lot of bounces from
gmail. I don't honestly care about the ones that google says are

You should.  When Google sees SPAM coming form your server it will
affect your server's IP reputation with Google and eventually cause mail
from your server to go to Spam folder or you get blacklisted, etc.

but recently I'm also getting DMARC failures on Facebook

Right, DMARC makes the situation worse.  The only way to get around this
is to completely own the message by rewriting the envelope sender and
From: header to come from your domain.  Of course this alters the
content of the message and will likely cause DKIM to fail, so you'll
need to address that as well.  If you've successfully managed to do this
then you'll be even more embroiled in making your server look like a
source of any SPAM that gets relayed through it in this method.

AFAIK Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) was designed for exactly this use case. Wondering if anyone has some experience with it or knows if Gmail is already honouring ARC-headers.


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