Sorry for the delay, my replys on gmane.mail.postfix.user are
not seeming to get thru so trying the mail list.

Richard wrote:
> Generally port 25 is blocked (both directions) on Comcast dynamic IP
> assignments. So, to send mail you'll likely need to configure your
> MTA (postfix or sendmail) to use port 587/starttls (with
> authentication) to send mail via your account on your mail provider's
> server (or simply have your MUA do that and not bother with an MTA).

Thanks for info on comcast.

That mail account is not the one I use... IPs change overtime but my email has
remained the same since 1996-7 or so.  I want my email address's smtp server to do the relaying.  and have done so for quite a goodly while.
I'd like to get postfix to let me do that.


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