On Thu, 3 Aug 2017, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:

> Am 03.08.2017 um 07:32 schrieb Tomas Macek:
> > I'm trying to get to know, if there is a chance to see in Milter that > > the "NOTIFY=xxx,yyy,zzz" was specified by a client at rcpt to command

On Thu, 3 Aug 2017, A. Schulze wrote:
> from the milter API Doku:
> > xxfi_envrcpt:
>  ctx       Opaque context structure.
> argv Null-terminated SMTP command arguments; argv[0] is guaranteed > to be the recipient address. Later arguments are the ESMTP arguments. > > The "Later arguments are the ESMTP arguments" is your "hope" ...
> but I never tested/used that.

On 03.08.17 14:09, Tomas Macek wrote:
This is a relevant piece from my log:

 mlfi_envrcpt: argv[0] = <m...@address.cz>, argv[1] =

So I'm writing a Milter to tackle the spammers my own way!

just for curiosity: under what circumstances are you going to drop NOTIFY
because, postfix can do this per sending IP

Yes, I have found it out too. I wanted to create a Milter removing just the SUCCESS and/or DELAY and keeping just the FAILURE.

I'd prefer patch to amavisd-milter if possible ;-)

I'd rather create a new program, I don't like keep up-to-date patches.


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