My small office client upgraded his internet connection and I've updated the 
self hosted postfix configuration file with the new IP address.

Soon after, email users began complaining about bounces they started receiving 
for some emails they sent.

After examining logs I've concluded that the newly IP was reused from another 
client and it is listed in few rbl. One server did not even let me say HELO, 
just printing a 5xx message and closing tcp connection.

I've reverted the change to ensure email continuitiy (as the old connection is 
still available) and waiting for rbl to expire, and also asked ISP to create a 
dns PTR record for it (it didn't have one).

But until these will be solved I'd like to instruct postfix to retry a 5xx 
response using the secondary IP (so the smtp client to try connecting using the 
new outbound source IP, and if gets a 4xx or 5xx to try again using the good 
old clean IP).

Is this possible?

Using an old version (2.9.6) on Debian Wheezy 32bit.





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