I think it is a good idea to prepend a sender: do you know if it is
possibile to prepend a default sender for any sasl user?

I tried smtpd_sender_login_maps and I put a map with addr...@mydomain.com
username: it works for mail from.

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> On Aug 12, 2017, at 1:05 PM, Lorenzo Petracchi
<lorenzo.petrac...@unifi.it> wrote:
> Hello, does anybody know if there is a way to force the header (From:) to
be rewritten so that it is equal to envelope (MAIL FROM), just for outgoing
mail and sasl authenticated sender?

This would lose the associated display name, as Postfix has no way to
reconstruct that just from the MAIL FROM.
It might be better to prepend a "Sender:" header on port 587.  Some MUAs
will display "From: <rfc822.sender> on behalf of <rfc822.from>" (this is one
of the few actually nice features of Outlook from my perspective).

Otherwise, if you use header-checks to delete the "From:" header, a new one
will be added based on the envelope sender.  You can do this on port 587,
where all and only SASL authenticated users sending outbound email should be


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