> On Feb 4, 2018, at 3:33 PM, Norton Allen <al...@huarp.harvard.edu> wrote:
> abcd.lists.local:
> abcd-test-abcd-mj-incoming: "|/usr/bin/sudo -u majordomo 
> /opt/majordomo/resend -C /etc/opt/majordomo/abcd-verp.cf -l abcd-test 
> abcd-test-abcd-mj-outgoing"
> abcd-test-abcd-mj-outgoing: :include:/var/opt/majordomo/lists/abcd/abcd-test

Your problem is likely here.  VERP support requires the MLM to
expand the list itself, before handing it off to Postfix.
The VERP processing happens in the queue manager before the
message is handed off to the local delivery agent, so the
only recipient that's seen at that time is:



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