> On Feb 19, 2018, at 1:43 PM, Jonathan Sélea <jonat...@selea.se> wrote:
> It sounds like it is a fairly "easy" implementation? If so, when can
> expect a testing version for this?
> I will gladly test this!

Likely some time this year, but it is not entirely trivial, because
the spec requires a first successful delivery to "activate" the policy,
and expedited policy cache refresh on delivery failure.  Therefore,
there would need to be some sort of new feedback mechanism at delivery

Also the new "tlsrpt" draft solicits aggregated delivery failure stats,
which might also require similar feedback.

Cycles to work on this are not immediately available.  With so few
early adopters, and even Gmail in "testing", you might just build
manual policy that gets you secure transport to Gmail, Yahoo and
the other "free" email providers.


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