On Mar 8, 2018 00:39, "Wietse Venema" <wie...@porcupine.org> wrote:

Alex K:
> Hi all,
> Just checking if anyone can provide any hints on the below.

My advice: use postfwd to enforce size limits, instead of using a
filter. This advice is valid if email arrives via SMTP.

What is the problem with your code?

1) In your basic filter approach. the shell is not a safe program
to manipulate raw email addresses from the network. For example,
I'm not sure that your code will correctly handle an email address
that contains spaces.

2) The advanced filter approach uses SMTP to pass sender and recipient
information, as well as the message body. I suspect that your program
does not correctly implement the SMTP protocol.


Thank you Wietse.
It is clear. Indeed my script was used only as a filter at sender access
and does not implement smtp.


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