I have a question in regards to removing some trace records when providing 
submission on Postfix 3.1.x and later.

While reading RFC 6409 (“Message Submission for Mail”), I note that the RFC 
observes that:

    "Even when submitted messages are complete, local site policy may dictate 
that the message text be
   examined or modified in some way, e.g., to conceal local name or address 

By this I take it that I could remove perhaps the initial trace message that 
returns information about internal addresses
and network names.  It seems to me that both Hotmail/Outlook and Gmail do this.

Is this acceptable ?  The only bad side to it would appear to be possibly some 
increased difficulty in troubleshooting.

If it is an acceptable process, how would I configure Postfix to do this only 
on submission ?


- J

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