On 09/03/18 11:47, Joe Buck wrote:
> Hi fair folks. After years of using OS X servers I'm back on FreeBSD and
> well... owls have sure aged since then.
> So I'm trying to do a virtual domain+virtual users setup with Dovecot where
> I'd have several virtual domains and several users. Each user is supposed to
> be authenticated via the simple username both for SMTP and IMAP, not a full
> email address and each will have several email aliases on different domains.
> Pretty simple so far. However, I've set up the virtual_transport to be lmtp
> and that transport relays the entire recipient's email address to Dovecot.
> main.cf:
> virtual_transport = lmtp:unix:private/dovecot-lmtp
> virtual_mailbox_domains = aqq.is
> virtual_mailbox_maps = hash:/usr/local/etc/postfix/virtualmailboxes
> virtualmailboxes:
> t...@aqq.is   testmail
> te...@aqq.is  testmail
> And in the mail log:
> dovecot: lmtp(20405): Connect from local
> dovecot: auth-worker(20407): passwd(t...@aqq.is): unknown user
> I would expect Postfix to accept mail both for test and test2 and tell
> Dovecot via LMTP to deliver the mail to the user named testmail. But I
> cannot do that because Postfix doesn't relay "testmail" to Dovecot for user
> lookup.
> All other options that I've tried either make Postfix try to write to
> mailboxes by itself or make Dovecot indiscriminate and accept every incoming
> message, creating folders with different email addresses.
> So the question is, what am I doing wrong there? Is the configuration that I
> have in my mind even possible?
> And suppose if it's possible, second question is how do I make SMTP
> authentication work in such a scenario?
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from the documentation page

virtual_mailbox_maps (default: empty)

In a lookup table, specify a left-hand side of "@domain.tld" to match
any user in the specified domain that does not have a specific
"u...@domain.tld" entry.

The remainder of this text is specific to the virtual(8)
<http://www.postfix.org/virtual.8.html> delivery agent. It does not
apply when mail is delivered with a different mail delivery program.

What you are probably looking for is virtual_alias_maps

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