Late last year I tried the Postscreen "deep protocol tests" as a
primitive form of greylisting; It was a high-maintenance exercise for
minimal benefit and I have since stopped using it.

Google and the like, use a different mail server for each connect
attempt.  You need an actively maintained whitelist to bypass the
grey-list process.

Also, (in my case) I was plagued by Ukrainian spamming mail servers;
they just retried and got through.

The experiment DID stop a few zombies, but not many.

Allen C

On 12/03/18 02:39, john wrote:
> I  was just taking a look through my postfix configuration and noticed
> that I have a "check_policy_service" for postgrey a greylisting service.
> I greylisting still considered worthwhile or should I drop it?
> John A

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