Initially I was able to deliver through the second option (the storage has
some server running) through lmtp and port 24.

But now the requirement is like the option one( using NFS, iSCSI,etc). Two
queries regarding this first option:-
1) Its not like delivering to a different location, I feel. It is like
sharing the emails to a different storage. How it will work when
mailserver's storage fills up while that remote storage will still have
lots of space.

2) Is this option mainly used in large scale emailing systems like a
university emailing system, etc.


On Wed 4 Apr, 2018 18:59 Matus UHLAR - fantomas, <uh...@fantomas.sk> wrote:

> On 04.04.18 18:28, SAAHIL IFTEKHAR wrote:
> >You mean we are actually sharing mailboxes to a separate storage? And
> >still mails are delivered in the same node(ip address) where postfix
> >is running?
> >
> >I am trying to find a way through which the mails can be delivered to
> >this separate storage. This storage is like simply a remote storage
> >not a server. So no dovecot running on it. I was already able to
> >deliver emails on a different ip through the help of dovecot and port
> >24. Now we are thinking of using SAN later on and thatswhy the
> >requirement is --> mails to deliver on separate storage(different ip
> >address).
> How do you connect to the storage?
> if you are using iSCSI, NFS or SMB, it's not postfix business - simply
> mount
> it to a directory and store data on it as if it was local.
> If not, you must apparently run kind of server on the storage postfix will
> deliver the mail to.
> >>>We have a setup which includes postfix and dovecot. We are using lmtp
> >>>and
> >>>delivery of mail is happening through dovecot. We want that delivery of
> >>>mail should happen in a separate node. I was able to achieve it through
> >>>lmtp by providing ip address and using port 24.
> >>>
> >>>But now I have been asked to just try to deliver to a separate storage
> >>>medium and not node. That means it will have an ip address but no
> >>>dovecot
> >>>or other software running. This is in relation to incorporation of
> >>>storage
> >>>area network (SAN) later on.
> >>>
> >>>Is it possible? I thought there must be some way as many running mail
> >>>systems are using message store and SAN. All i can find that was close
> >>>was
> >>>mailbox sharing and email archiving.
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