Dnia 15.01.2020 o godz. 17:26:48 Simon B pisze:
> Amavis listens on 10024, and postfix listens on 10025
> That means mail comes in on 587, it goes to amavis on 10024 and comes
> back on 10025 before going out.
> and mail is flowing.  I am not happy since the solution to the
> original problem has been to make smtpd_helo_restrictions=permit and
> even though it's internal we operate a zero-trust policy, and "permit"
> is not that.

Does Amavis actually connect to when injecting mail back to
Postfix? If yes, then maybe you don't have in $mynetworks

It can also be that Amavis doesn't connect to, but to some other
IP on your server - then you need to put that IP in $mynetworks too, or
reconfigure Amavis so that it connects to

If it works with "permit", it should also work with "permit_mynetworks",
provided that the value of $mynetworks includes the actual IP Amavis is
connecting to.
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