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> Ranjan Maitra:
> > So, I have tried to set the relayhost to a specific mailhub address but 
> > have not been able to make this work. I get a message then which reads like:
> >
> >  delivery temporarily suspended: lost connection with the mailhub server 
> > while receiving the initial server greeting
> This is exactly what you need.
> Postfix will keep trying until the VPN comes up.
> To expedite deliveries then you would say "sendmail -q" after the VPN is up,
> and Postfix will drain the queue.

Thanks, except that it does not send even when VPN is up. I get the same 
message and I can get it to send only when I change my relayhost back to the 

delivery via mailhub:25: lost connection with mailhub while receiving the 
initial server greeting

It may be a port issue but I can't see what. This is the port as per IT.

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