Laura Smith:
> I'm on Postfix 3.4.10 and the following is driving me nuts:

> > You're running some commands with sudo and some without. Because
> > of that, environment variables and command aliases may differ.
> >
> > In particular:
> >
> > PATH determines where the postmulti command is found.
> >
> > MAIL_CONFIG determines what file it will use.
> >
> > and so on.

Laura Smith:
> Actually, I've been running them all with sudo, just when posting
> to the list I accidentally omitted it when I was copy/pasting.

Check the multi_instance name setting in the file of the
affected instance.

Was this instance created from scratch with postmulti, or was this
imported as an already existing instance?

I do not recall why the instance name is needed, that was designed
in 2009.


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