Hi all,

I've asked this on GIS.SE, to no avail:

I'd like to store label placement properties in a separate table, build a view of the data I want to use for my map, and use QGIS to move the labels manually. The idea is when the labels are updated, the placement coordinates would go into the LABEL_X and LABEL_Y fields in the label placement table, but the geometry of the underlying points and several other attributes (coming from the source tables) would remain unchanged.

However, when all is in place, QGIS throws the following error when trying to save the edits to the view (the edit session can start, labels moved, but cannot save):

|Could notcommitchanges tolayer schools_district_map Errors:ERROR:1attribute value change(s)notapplied.Provider errors:PostGIS error whilechanging attributes:ERROR:infinite recursion detected inrules forrelation "schools_district_map" |||

Here is the definition of the view :

|CREATEORREPLACE VIEWpublic.schools_district_map ASSELECTsch.schnum,sch.oid,sch.abbreviation,sch.school_level,sch.geom,l.label_x,l.label_y FROMtemp_schools_label sch LEFTJOINdistrict_map_labels l ONsch.schnum =l.schnum;|

And here are the rules I've applied to make the view 'editable':

|--delete rulecreateorreplace rule"delete_label"asondeletetoschools_district_map do instead deletefromschools_district_map whereoid =old.oid;--insert rulecreateorreplace rule"insert_label"asoninserttoschools_district_map do instead insertintoschools_district_map (label_x,label_y)values(new.label_x,new.label_y);--update rulecreateorreplace rule"labels_update"asonUPDATETOschools_district_map do instead updateschools_district_map setlabel_x =new.label_x ,label_y =new.label_y whereoid =new.oid;|

QGIS is then set to display the labels using the label_x and label_y field.

I used this post as a guide to build the view, rules:


If anyone can spot where I might have left something out, or if there is a glaring oversight on my part, OR if this is maybe a bad idea... let me know!

Thank you!!!

-Matt Baker
Denver Public Schools
Denver, CO

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