Hi there,
My name is Luiz Claudio and I'm a QGIS plugin developer.
Here in Brazil we have a quite complex Spatial Data Structure (more than 200 
Recently, our cartographic production has changed to QGIS, but until today we 
use GOTHIC LAMPS2 from Laser-Scan to deal with topology.

As we are studying Postgis topology and I would like to ask you guys some 

How can I build one topology with contribution of several layers?
Our Spatial Data Structure needs to be validated considering several layers. 
For example, the vegetation and hydrography layers should build one topology 
because one has influence in the other.

In a topology structure like the one mentioned above, is it possible to set 
priorities to perform the snap the layers?
For instance, one layer should be used as reference to snap other layers 
according to a priority when creating the topology structure.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Luiz Claudio.

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