For those who'd like a chance to test out pgRouting 2.3.0rc1 and PostGIS
2.3.0rc1 before final release, 
We've created installers and binary packages for PostgreSQL 9.6:

These are here and start with prefix - postgis-pg96-bundle

Make sure to use the appropriate package for your PostgresQL (32/64-bit)
While we don't have installers for 9.5 and 9.4 yet for PostGIS 2.3.0rc1
Bundle, you can find binary zip
In respective folders:

(these will start with postgis-pg(versionnum)-bundle-2.3.0rc1*  (the w64 is
for 64bit PostgreSQL and the w32 is for 32-bit PostgreSQL).

The bundles contain the following goodies:

PostGIS 2.3.0rc1 (with SFCGAL 1.3.0, GDAL 2.1.1, GEOS 3.5.0, proj 4.9.1, all
PostGIS packaged extensions)
pgRouting 2.3.0-rc1
osm2pgrouting 2.1.0
ogrfdw 1.0.2 (with GDAL 2.1.1 support)
pointcloud 1.1.0dev

Let me know if you run into any issues with these.


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