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SELECT version(); 




I'm thinking you might have two PostgreSQL running and it's pointing at the 9.4 
which had 2.1 removed and not your 9.5 one that has 2.2


Hope that helps,



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I have upgraded postgres and postgis on Debian from postgresql-9.4-postgis-2.1 
to postgresql-9.5-postgis-2.2 package.


I'm trying to create postgis extension in a database (CREATE EXTENTION 
postgis;) and here is the answer I get:

ERROR:  could not access file "$libdir/postgis-2.1": No such file or directory

I have no data in postgres at all, so I could remove all postgresql-postgis 
packages. I tryed to do so and reinstalled everything, but with the same result.


Thanks for help.




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