st_dump would make it possible, no?

select st_astext((st_dump('MULTILINESTRING((0 0, 10 10), (20 20, 30 30))')).geom);
 LINESTRING(0 0,10 10)
 LINESTRING(20 20,30 30)
(2 rows)

On 08-02-18 21:48, Olivier Leprêtre wrote:


I want to break a linestring into linestrings by breaking it with a set of points along this line. This appeared easy at first but finally, I tried using st_split(line, set of points) but this returns multilinestrings when I just wants linestrings. I tried several functions like st_dump, st_geometryN, stcollectionextract and so on after st_split but did not find how could I get only rows of linestring splitted by the points acting like blades on the first linestring.

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