My following query gives output of 72 rows which is correct.

SELECT distinct on (st.gid) sv.timing, st.gid, st.areaFROM servers
svINNER JOIN sites stON (st_distance(sv.geom, st.geom)<8.5) where
        sv.workmode = 1 AND sv.timing >= timestamp '2018-02-02 00:00:00'
        and sv.timing <= timestamp '2018-02-02 23:59:59';

But if I remove the condition on timing and want to find out whole output,
it misses one row which is between this time. Why is it happening? What is
wrong with my query?

SELECT distinct on (st.gid) sv.timing, st.gid, st.area
    FROM servers sv
    INNER JOIN sites st
    ON (st_distance(sv.geom, st.geom)<8.5) where
            sv.workmode = 1;
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