Today's commit log is at:

I've merged all the stuff that could be obviously merged in without a whole bunch of head-scratching. Thanks to Andy, Steve and Tom for a whole bunch of fixes. This should all be live now (thanks Tom).

I've not yet merged in Steve's highway=proposed/construction addition, the "undo on creating way" fix, and the two combined commits which need to be cherry-picked and merged in individually ( and - I'll look at these when I have time and sufficient git-fu.

I've added a spinner to make the "loading data" incantation more obvious (this is a fairly commonly requested feature). This is also live.

I've merged Andy's excellent form-layout branch, which uses Flex forms for laying out the simple tag editor - both faster and better-looking. Two particular issues with this (Flex's fault, not Andy's) took up pretty much all the afternoon, but it's done now. Hopefully live soon.

I've also got three or four branches that I've been working on that are almost ready to merge.

Current most obvious bug that I can see is that (in en-GB at least) the dreaded "[object Object]" is back on the GPS menu.


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