On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 11:54 AM, Richard Fairhurst <rich...@systemed.net> wrote:
> Today's commit log is at:
> https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2/commits/master

Thanks for the update. It's nice to get acknowledgement of our work,
even if it's not merged yet.

> I've not yet merged in Steve's highway=proposed/construction addition, the

I think this one is actually pretty straightforward, surprisingly. It
would be nice to make the proposed/construction stuff work like a
dropdown on every normal highway, but this basic implementation is
still a lot better than nothing. Although my bulldozer artwork could
be improved :)

> "undo on creating way" fix,

Definitely worthy of review - it's totally possible that I broke
something else. Anyone else want to have a look at it? I guess we
don't have any tests?

and the two combined commits which need to be
> cherry-picked and merged in individually
> (https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2/pull/24 and
> https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2/pull/25) - I'll look at these when I
> have time and sufficient git-fu.

My Git-fu is gradually improving to the point where I think I can
probably decompose them. I'll try and cherry pick them apart and
resubmit as individual pull requests.

> Current most obvious bug that I can see is that (in en-GB at least) the
> dreaded "[object Object]" is back on the GPS menu.

Yeah, I've had that intermittently on my XP/firefox desktop. Only
intermittently though...


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