#4903: Potlatch repeatedly freezes at "M" key shortcut
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 Potlatch2 web-based editor has frozen on me a number of times when I
 accidentally hit the "m" key. Eventurally I worked out what was causing
 the problem and I now also realise that "M" is a shortcut that I had not
 been using.  It ends my session without me being able to save any recent
 work. I have repeated the exercise deliberately and I am able to re-create
 the problem any time by hitting the "m" key while editing.

 I am using Linux Mint Debian Edition with all up-to-date fixes etc any I
 am using Mozilla Firefox 19.0

 I am having no problems with my system generally except that I have not
 used Chromium browser because it reports an Adobe Flash error that I have
 not been able to rectify  .. nor really bothered because Firefox is so

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