You can do it with P2, but there is one thing you have to know first:
The ways that are referenced in a turn restriction *must* end at the node involved. So firstof all you must cut Kierlinger Straße at that node. After that, everything works as expected. (Also check the IDs of the two pieces before you continue. They will have the same name, and will be hard to tell apart in the dropdown menu.) In my opinion, the type restriction that closes matches what is allowed is actually "no right turn" from the west apart of Kierlinger Straße into Karl Domaniggasse.


On 2014-06-21 14:25, OpenStreetMap wrote:
#5189: Traffic restriction only_straight_on does not detect road at crossing
  Reporter:  ErnstlAT                |      Owner:  potlatch-dev@…
      Type:  defect                  |     Status:  new
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  Keywords:  road sign,restrictions  |
  Greetings, I have here a road crossing, for which I have received wrong
  car driving directions using the navigation software ''OsmAnd'', which
  uses the OSM map material and I would like to indicate on OpenStreetMap
  the correct turn restriction. This whole issue is about indicating one
  traffic sign, saying "Go straight ahead", like this one:

  I have read on the OSM wiki

  that this would be a restriction of type ''only_straight_on'' and that I
  have to select a ''from'' and a ''to'' way and that this is best done
  using the Potlatch2 editor. The restriction information is attached to the
  node, which constitutes the road crossing.

  Unfortunately, it does not detect the second road involved in this road

  I have attached a screen shot of the road crossing of interest, which also
  depicts the traffic situation. You can see that it is a road going west to

  I would like to express:

  1) Allowed to go normally from east to west on ''Kierlinger Straße''

  2) Allowed to go normally from west to east on ''Kierlinger Straße''

  3) Allowed to go from east down south into the ''Karl Domaniggasse''

  4) But when you come from the west on the ''Kierlinger Straße'', you have
  a road sign, ''only straight on'' to the east along ''Kierlinger Straße''.

  There are no other road signs at this road crossing.

  == Steps to reproduce: ==

  1.) Find the road crossing of interest. How to find it:

  * node ID: 293708029
  * geographic location: 48,3073607, 16,320522
  * intersection of ''Karl Domaniggasse'' and ''Kierlinger Straße'' in the
  town of ''Klosterneuburg'', near Vienna, Austria, Europe.

  I have attached the screenshot of the road crossing of interest.

  2.) Open Potlatch2 editor

  3.) select the above-mentioned node

  4.) in the left editor pane, select ''Restrictions''.

  5.) select ''add new restriction''

  6.) select ''only straight on'' (blue circle with white arrow pointing
  up/straight ahead).

  7.) in the field ''from:'', it will not detect the ''Kierlinger Straße'',
  but only show the ''Karl Domainggasse''.

  I have attached a second screenshot from Potlatch2 at this stage.

  == Current: ==

  Using Potlatch2, it does not find the second road, only one of them, the
  ''Karl Domaniggasse'', but the ''Kierlinger Straße'' is not listed and
  cannot be selected.

  == Expected: ==

  Ability to select from: ''Kierlinger Straße'' (left map side/west side),
  ''only_straight_on'' to ''Kierlinger Straße'' (right map side/east side).

  Meaning: When you come from the west on the ''Kierlinger Straße'', you see
  a road sign saying, ''You must go straight ahead''.

  If I could express that in Potlatch2, that would be great :-)

  Thanks and greetings,
  Ernst Rohlicek

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