#5450: (Multi)polygon fixing effort
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Comment (by Richard):

 Yeees. :|

 The main issue is presumably that P2's multipolygon UI creates so-called
 "old-style" multipolygons (i.e. tags on the outer way) rather than "new-
 style" (tags on the relation).

 I had been waiting for the API to get a proper area datatype instead, as
 IMO multipolygons (of any stripe) are a horrible hack - putting geometry
 information in a structure designed for metadata. But that doesn't look
 like it's happening any time soon (read: in the 21st century).

 The challenge here is going to be getting the tagging UI to look at an
 object which is essentially not the currently selected one. This will
 require (presumably significant) rewiring of the tagging internals, as
 well as a new UI element to allow the user to switch between editing the
 tags on the relation and the outer way. (Even if the relation becomes the
 default, we should still allow editing the tags on the way; and what of
 ways that form parts of multiple multipolygons?)

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