This is awesome!

I will try this out sometime soon! Thanks!

Alexander Kolodziej
Pattern Matchician, Tactel AB
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On 2018-08-07 11:58, Frank Schmirler wrote:

we recently stumbled over the missing WebSocket support in pound. I attached a
patch against vanilla pound-2.8 which adds support. So far it has been tested
with Guacamole ( and with a commercial product
using WebSockts and it worked without any problems or side effects.

The patch collects the various markers for an upgrade request and for the
server`s acceptance of the upgrade in variable "is_ws". When all markers have
been collected, the connection switches to "WebSocket mode", i.e. simply
forward everything between client and server in both directions until the
connection is closed or times out. There is no parsing of WebSocket frames.

With the patch, WebSockets should start working out of the box. There's no
need to configure anything special (except for the usual listener, service and
backend configuration of course). WebSocket connections are usually long-lived
(hours or even days). However WebSocket clients usually send keep alive
packets to prevent timeouts or silently re-connect when the connection is
closed. So I decided to use a rather conservative timeout of just 600 seconds.
You can override this default with the new configuration file directive
"WSTimeout <seconds>" on the global level and per backend.


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