A member of the list sent me older software which helped quite a bit. The 
Global Village card now works, the ethernet card says its unrecognizable and 
the smartmedia adapter says its defective (all tested in my 1400 and work). 
The only thing odd is they still do not show up on the desktop, everything is 
mentioned in the PCMCIA control strip. Is this normal or is something still 
not working correct? Any idea's or suggestions?


PeterH5322 wrote......>

If your machine has 8.1, the card cage should be working fine. Each card 
should "mount" on the desktop as it is inserted. You can also "dismount" each 
by dragging these to the trash.

Earlier MacOSes would work with the installation of the PC Card Software you 
mentioned, perhaps extracted from the install disk using Tome Viewer.

Based upon the universal rejection (i.e., non-recognition) of all the PC 
cards you mentioned, the two possibilities are: 1) the PC Card Software is 
incorrectly installed, and/or 2) the card cage is defective.

The Rev. B card cage is really a Rev. A with a number of trace cuts and 
discrete wire adds, plus a few additional discrete components. IOW, a 
desperate attempt to save a fatally-flawed design.

The Rev. C is a complete redesign, including a completely new LSI chip and a 
quite different component layout.

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