Palo Verde will be doing a full steam generator inspection using the Zephyr 
technology in April 2017.

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Following this post who would be doing a Westinghouse Steam Generator 
Inspection using the new Zephyr technology?

Shari Mosty
Sr. Health Physicist
Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant
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Subject: [powernet] Looking for a point of contact


I am looking at benchmarking a PWR doing a Westinghouse steam generator 
inspection outage to come and benchmark you - My onsite contact said Braidwood 
will be doing one soon.
Any help would be appreciated.

Raymond "Rome" Rouse
WBN ALARA Superintendent
PO Box 2000
Spring City, Tn. 37871
O: (423) 365-3886
C: (423) 595-0187

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