We actually use both. The Restricted Area is defined in 10CFR20 and is 
typically spelled out in the licensees UFSAR.  An RCA would be set-up in 
localized areas within the RCA. Our RCA signs follow the same convention Mr. 
Adams describes below.

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Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 10:16 AM
To: Beth Heyeck; powernet@HPSpowernet.org
Subject: [EXTERNAL] [powernet] RE: RCA Posting

Any posting that is less than a High Radiation Area should be made in the same 
orientation and design as the Radiation Area sign.

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Subject: [powernet] RCA Posting

Quick benchmark:

While implementing the industry standards for HRA/VHRA posting shapes/signs, we 
are also transitioning from "Restricted Area" to "Radiologically Controlled 

There's no guidance that we can find on what the shape/wording needs to be on 
the Radiologically Controlled area sign.  Does your plant use a sign (or signs) 

1.       The words "Radiologically Controlled Area"

2.       The acronym "RCA"

3.       The shape of a vertically aligned rectangle

4.       The shape of a horizontally aligned rectangle

5.       Anything else on the sign, besides a trefoil?

Beth Heyeck

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